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Bobbi Humphrey, Fancy Dancer

Bobbi Humphrey, Fancy Dancer

With lots love and admiration from music enthusiasts everywhere flutist, Bobbi Humphrey was considered one of the premier instrumentalist in the early seventies [1971 respectively]. But, it wasn’t until her “Blacks and Blues,” album emerged in 1973 that her credibility as a female artist begin to ascend to brake the barriers in jazz were men only reign as kings.

Ironically, while I was looking for something enticing to listen to. So I decided to not only revisit Ms. Humphrey’s “Blacks and Blues, and Satin Doll” records but her poignant attributes as a player echoed repeatedly in my head to listen to more music by her. And what do you know, I stumbled across her 1975 release called “Fancy Dancer,” which was, also on Blue Note Records and produced once again by the fabulous Mizell Brothers.

Fancy Dancer, much like her previous efforts leans significantly to the outer edge of smooth pop, jazz and fusion as a paradigm to continue with music that is relevant to listeners at the time. No doubt, her vision to expand beyond the norm proved to be correct move for Ms Humphrey.

On the opener, Humphrey entangled her voice in the festive spirit of summertime with the Latin inspired “Uno Esta.” Huh, simply magical! From the onset, she pours her very soul onto the canvas of this elegant arrangement by the Mizell Brothers. The next selection, titled “The Trip,” she paints an abstract signature of unpredicted traces of mesmerizing pleasantries on this tapestry as her lyrical and provocative playing intensifies from this point forward making this record worthy of praise.

What blessing and honor to hear Ms Humphrey’s music from the seventies, it’s quite refreshing to indulge in this palette of music as she gracefully set the atmospheric on these seven attractive gems. As I listened, her music is rhythmic within the context of her tranquil urban soundscape. Arranged and played buoyantly, these lush and mosaic compositions performed by her contains warmth, strength and beauty. Therefore, the music embodies the qualities that are inviting making this listening experience one to relish, love and cherish with each play.

* Now available on cd at fine music locations everywhere for the first time on compact disc, 8/5/08