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S.M.W. - Thunder

S.M.V. - "Thunder"

Out of the shrink-wrap, this outstanding collaborative effort by the three amigos, maestros of their instrument in the universe Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten collectively brings on a colossal of unadulterated “Thunder” to their first time outing together on Heads Up International. Major kudos to Heads Up Records for stretching and bending the boundaries with this project by marrying the voices of three of the most esteemed artists in the music business today regardless of genre.

I know, you think why on earth would these guys of this talent endure the pain of trying to work out their elusive schedules to record this record? Was it their ego? Perhaps? But unlikely, because they have earned their stripes and garnered a very strong fan base to fool around with immaturity.

Accompanists for this project are: Chick Corea, George Duke, trumpeter Michael “Patches” Stewart and vocalist/beat boxer Butterscotch (Antoinette Clinton).

Warning, this record is toxic, sonically intrusive and no way for the timid, frill or meek music listeners. Get this, with thirteen tracks available you are in for a little over and hour of straight in your ear rumblings of a fun loving music experience that is rare in today’s terms. Well, at least with contemporary jazz that is.

Folks on real tip, this record is out of the box relentless, slamming, a tour de force, a once in a lifetime recording that surpasses with a snapshot of the future could be like in the world of jazz. Well at least from a fusion lover’s perspective.

From “Silly Putty, to the liberating funk frolics of “Classical Thump” produced the venomous symmetry of “Mongoose Walk” flows into the temple of “Thunder” is in the sphere of reality an ingenious collection of music brought to you by S.M.V. Thunder in my mindset is etched, painted, sculpted, and stringed by the anointed hands of these gifted journeymen is jammed with the rambunctious elements of funk, boisterous rhythms, grits and gravy rumblings of rock & roll. This highly acclaimed project is no longer and afterthought, it arrives unmasked and uncontaminated. Is that good? You bet or better yet, check it out and judge it for yourself!

[Advance Review | Released Date: 8/12/2008]