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Esperanza Spalding vocalist, bassist, educator and composer

Esperanza Spalding, Esperanza

Esperanza Spalding -][- Esperanza –Mp3– [Heads Up, 2009 | Review]

In recent memory, not many artists can claim victory to the promise land with a splash as the gifted Esperanza Spalding has conquered with her voice of duality as a bassist and vocalist. While petite in stature, as silly as it is some might let this distract them from paying attention to her music. At present, this admirable young lady retains her spot as an incomparable talent that transcends her twenty-three years beyond what jazz enthusiast’s might expect from her sophomore and debut record on Heads Up International.

On these gorgeous collection of songs, Esperanza’s signature swells with detailed and rhythmic symmetry combined with her adoring voice equals utter splendor to any listener who enjoys a potent injection of jazz coupled with an abundance of Brazilian/Latin music.

Esperanza attaches herself to a core of A-list artist on this record including flamingo guitarist Nino Josele, percussionist Jamey Haddad, and drummer Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez along with Naw-leans saxophonist Donald Harrison.

From the onset, Esperanza pours her very soul into hauntingly seductive “Ponta De Areia.” The sexy “I Know You Know,” appears next will bring blushing smiles of joy to all who listens to this tasty piece.

The charismatic “”I Adore You,” is another attractive composition. On this jewel, Ms. Spalding eloquently displays her creative energy and prowess as a bassist as she shapes the song with a silhouette of her charming Flora Purim like vocalesse which will inevitably tantalize your sensibility as a listener.

The native New Yorker impressively in command of her instruments bends and stretches to reinvent the classic “Cuerpo Y Alma (Body and Soul). Now, for those who might doubt her skills as a bassist should spend some time with this collection of music. You will be delightfully surprised at what transpires with each spin. Her inventive and expressive voice shines as well on these selections also: “Precious, Mela, Love in Time, Espera, If That’s True and Samba Em Preludio.”

Esperanza is amazing, simply inspiring artistically. This album by her is a prelude to many great offerings to come. With that said, this virtuoso sits comfortably and humbly among the giants in today’s jazz arsenal of seasoned musicians. After spending a little time with this project, I must go and pick up her debut record and compare notes. Seriously, folks, if you dig jazz “Esperanza’s” sophomore release fits well within the sphere of the top jazz records this and any year for that matter!

Esperanza caught live in Copenhagen …