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Barack Obama, The Path

Barack Obama, The Path

Time | President Obama: The Path to the White House [Book]

Barack Obama’s path from Hawaii to Indonesia to the White House represents one of the most unlikely and fascinating journeys in U.S. political history. With this special publication that is sure to become an instant collector’s item, “Time” will mark Obama’s rise with an illustrated 96-page book. “Time Obama” will contain original “Time” magazine reporting and analysis from the magazine’s political experts. The book will showcase the unrivalled, intimate behind-the-scenes photography of campaign photographer Callie Shell, who has been visually documenting Obama’s journey since he began his run for President. And it will provide readers with a colourful and concise account of how Obama rose to power – from his early days to his Chicago years to the moment when he became a political phenomenon. ~ Amazon.com

Release Date: December 23, 2008