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Upchurch and Tennyson

Upchurch and Tennyson

Upchurch/Tennyson | Self-Titled [Classic CTI/Music Review]

As we know, the Internet it contains a plethora of music that’s sometimes familiar, forgotten and occasionally we meet pleasantly cool and stimulating sounds in our journey. Just think, with access to this powerful tool we’ve been blessed this time to rediscovered a provocative collaboration between guitarist Phil Upchurch and singer/keyboardist Tennyson Stephens.

On their self-titled effort on Kudu/CTI Records, [1974] the duo collectively embraces a sobering blend of sophisticated soul, smooth R&B, groovy rhythms and jazz to unveil a fresh and hip sound. You’ll find top notch artist like Sanborn, Eric Gale, H. Laws, Bob James and a host of others on this to bridge the gap between jazz and pop. That said, this recording is definitely on the smooth edge compared to the catalog of other recordings from CTI. – The Urban Flux

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