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Greeting’s jazz lover’s, I’m delighted to share with you guy’s another creative recording by one of today’s unsung pianist Geoffrey Keezer on ArtistShare Recordings.

Geoffrey Keezer | Aurea

Geoffery Keezer - Áurea

Geoffrey Keezer is a pianist of immense technical ability. As a musician and composer he is able to express himself in different idioms and settings. On Aurea, for instance, he makes a remarkable foray into the realm of Afro-Peruvian music. And he emerges from this colorful expedition with such a high degree of excellence that you wonder why more practitioners of jazz on the piano, for all its use as a primary rhythmic instrument in modern ensembles, have not made the journey into the ever-inviting musical realm of Afro Latin America earlier.

Now it appears that so many musicians – especially New York based artists – playing in the jazz idiom seem to be besotted with the music of Latin America, especially Colombia and Peru.

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