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Here’s a tasty little gem with a retro jazz funk vibe wrapped around the edges for the music lovers out there …

Lonnie Plaxico Group | Ancestral Devotion

Lonnie Plaxico Group

Lonnie Plaxico Group

Lonnie Plaxico, the middle child in a large family of outstanding musicians. He was born and raised in Chicago, where his inherited gift of music was discovered and nurtured. Lonnie Plaxico started playing music at an early age; by the age of twelve he had taught himself how to play the electric bass. At the age of fourteen he was performing along side several prominent Chicago Jazz figures.

Plaxico’s first recording featuring his family’s band took place when he was just sixteen years old. He ventured more into Chicago’s music scene, renowned for its mix of jazz, funk and blues as he enhanced his musical skills. Lonnie Plaxico became professional, known for playing the electric and acoustic bass with equal facility.

Source: CDBaby.com