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The beauty of jazz is captured within the art of improvisation, henceforth each artist interprets each song with a stroke of sensitivity, passion, adventure and the desire of creating a fresh rendition for music lovers to embody their lyrical spirit through sound. As you know, there’s a joy in collecting and listening to music. If you haven’t check out Dianne Reeves’s – “I Remember” …. listen to and embrace this timeless masterpiece by her!

Dianne Reeves

Dianne Reeves

Dianne Reeves | I Remember [Blue Note Records, 1991]

Dianne Reeves must like a challenge. for 1991’s “I Remember” she selects songs associated with several members of the jazz pantheon: Abbey Lincoln, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and Miles Davis. Reeves uses her total musicality to build upon, consolidate, and re-imagine the songs of her predecessors.

Added to this mix are Sondheim’s poetic “I Remember Sky”, the Brazilian standard “Like a Lover,” and McCoy Tyner’s beautiful ballad “You Taught My Heart to Sing.” These songs (with the holiday “In Satin” warhorse “for all we know”) show the gentle yet direct ballad style reeves employs. on “like a lover,” her sonorous voice glides through the verses and then rollicks off Kevin Eubanks’s’ guitar in an ecstatic ad-lib duet. “You taught my heart to sing” is stated with simplicity; the lyrics, so aptly fitted to Tyner’s mood and melody, are sung without the excess drama that would cheapen their sentiment. on “i remember sky” reeves conjures the crispness of paper, sharpness of thumb tacks, and the enigmatic blue quality of the sky. Reeves’s artistry, expertly supported and enhanced by pianist Billy Childs, is on full display here.

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