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Poncho Sanchez, Psychedelic Blues

Poncho Sanchez -][- Psychedelic Blues –Mp3– [Concord Picante, 2009]

Poncho Sanchez returns with Psychedelic Blues. The world’s top Latin jazz ensemble comes roaring back with this exciting new release, which finds them going back to their roots with excellent new treatments of jazz and Latin jazz classics, such as Herbie Hancock’s “Cantaloupe Island,” Freddie Hubbard’s “Crisis” and a medley of classics from Willie Bobo. The album also features a pair of original songs written especially for this album.

Along with Synowiec is the same lineup that has backed Sanchez on several records and countless live shows: keyboardist/arranger David Torres; saxophonist Javíer Vergara; trumpeter/flugelhornist Ron Blake; trombonist/arranger Francisco Torres; bassist/vocalist Tony Banda; timbalero George Ortiz; and percussionist/vocalist Joey De León. Even a couple alumni from earlier configurations of Sanchez’s band baritone saxophonist Scott Martin and percussionist Alfredo Ortiz step back into lend a hand on Psychedelic Blues.

A few of these seasoned players go back more than 30 years with Sanchez, back to some of his earliest gigs as a local fixture in the Los Angeles club circuit.

Release Date: September 29, 2009

Source: Amazon.com