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Jaspects is an extraordinary fusion group from Atlanta demonstrates why we should be careful not to judge the book [sound] by it’s cover. I’ll be the first admit, I am not a fan of Hip-hop music. It’s a generational thing I suppose. However, this band’s ingenious method to blend music together was the deal breaker for me. Jaspects third offering “Double Consciousness,” is a unique collection of genres wrapped solidly into one voice is absolute brilliance. ~ The Urban Flux



Jaspects | Double Consciousness [Jaspects Music Group, L.L.C., 2007] On The Flipside

Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Neosoul fused all-in-one without being corny. Simply put, a “Fusion of Hip-hop and Jazz WITHOUT compromise.”

Jaspect’s third independent release titled, “Double Consciousness,” has been described by the band as a “more defined representation of the Jaspects sound,” by drummer Henry Conerway. “With this project, we wanted to break out of any box that anybody wanted to force us in,” James King explains. “We can’t be defined because we are constantly redefining ourselves.” Musical director T. Brown echoes King’s sentiment, “DC represents the steady maturation of the band as we become more in-sync with ourselves as writers, musicians, artists, and performers.”

Source: CDBaby.com