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As of late, it seems unknown talent appears on this blog regularly. That said, the gifted instrumentalist [bassist] and vocalist Miranda “Mimi” Jones is about to stir things up with her stunning new album “A New Day.” Watch out for this radiant talent on the horizon, Mimi is at the top of my lists for newcomers in 2009. ~ The Urban Flux

Mimi Jones

Mimi Jones

Mimi Jones | A New Day [Hot Tone Music]

Mimi Jones, multi talented bassist, vocalist and composer, brings her beacon of musical light to the world while embracing a positive future with her inspiring messages. Mimi’s elegant sound is an eclectic mix of genres based in a strong jazz foundation that leave room for funky bass grooves, world beat rhythms, gentle textures and the soulful cries of the Wurlizer. “My music taps in directly to the senses using elements of jazz, folk, rock, blues and different sounds from around the world which have all had such a profound effect on me.”

Her inspiring debut recording,” A New Day” is bursting with original compositions seamlessly melting from one song to another and caressed by the warmth of Mimi’s sultry voice. The music is a rich assortment of rhythmic statements, musical textures, and compositional variations all flawlessly executed by Mimi Jones (acoustic bass, electric bass, vocals, composer, arranger, and assistant producer), Marvin Sewell (acoustic and electric guitars), Miki Hayama (piano, key board and Wurlitzer), Marcus Gilmore (drums), Lucianna Padmore (drums on tracks 1 and 11) and Ambrose Akinmisure (trumpet). The title of the CD speaks of embracing a changing world with a positive point of view while maintaining the courage to move forward just as the new persona and alter ego, Mimi Jones, was transformed from “side man” Miriam Sullivan in order to fully express her individual messages of change and personal evolution.

Source: CDBaby.com, also visit her site mimijonesmusic.com for more information about this upcoming talent.