Trio Subtonic

Trio Subtonic

Trio Subtonic | Cave Dweller [Trio Subtonic Productions, 2009]

Music that offers a new avenue into the world of jazz and hard hitting grooves, “Cave Dweller” blends jazz, funk, hiphop, Brazilian rhythms and improvisation that appeals to jam banders, dance clubbers, world music enthusiasts and jazzers alike.

Rooted in jazz traditions, immersed in Brazilian grooves and odd meters, “Cave Dwellers” is Trio Subtonic’s latest foray across genres, captivating audiences with an original yet all too familiar sound. Featuring piano and keyboards, upright bass, and drums, apt descriptions such as groove, bossa-surf, funk, mood, and experimental jazz all fit – and Trio Subtonic exhibits them with a flourish. Willamette Week described Trio Subtonic’s music as “truly hypnotic compositions… make no mistake: this is complex stuff and when it’s pulled off with this kind of ease, it’s easy to get lost in the melodies.”

Source: CDBaby.com