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As usual, I’m enthralled about discovering creative and new independent voices by importing them from the well of infinite music that is at our disposal. Although at times, this can be a challenging endeavor with the rewards of being a very exciting journey. On today, I’m honored to share with you a promising contemporary jazz group called Abstract Truth. The band approaches their music with style and purpose, therefore engaging in a lively discussion compositionally by embodying a melting pot blended with raw, soulful and funky ingredients. Truth’s interplay is simply on point. They’re overall message musically is attractive, unpolished and flawless as I hear it. Yet they are sensitive to meeting the needs of the sometimes discriminating listeners. It appears to me, Abstract Truth is a no-nonsense group that intelligently mirrors the image of familiar voices of their predecessors. That said, against all odds they have successfully established their own voice through a rite of passage on a road that’s not often traveled. ~ The Urban Flux

Abstract Truth

Abstract Truth

Abstract Truth | The Road Less Traveled [Fourstring Records, 2009]

Living on the edge of classification, weaving jazz with soul, R&B, African and Latin rhythms, rock, gospel, blues, and funk.

The musical foundation is the subtle, masterful interplay of the drums (Sultan Akbar), percussion (Rajul) and bass (the band’s founding member, G. Lawrence Francis). On top of that groove the horn (Jesse Andross) and keys (Scott Coulter) create a rich, vibrant and complex melodic and harmonic world echoing everything from straight ahead jazz to rock. Borrowing from this rich tapestry of musical traditions.

Source: CDBaby.com