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Chris Hunter | Bop City [CBJ Records, 2009]

Chris Hunter, Bop City

Chris Hunter, Bop City

Bop City is Chris Hunter’s new quartet album with one of his own tunes, “Nami,” four compositions by bassist Alex Blake, and three arrangements of standards, “Too High,” “Little Sunflower” and “Love for Sale.” Definitely, the compositional quality of Chris’s playing has found a form in the consummate abilities of this band.

The group has a depth which I’m starting to feel is difficult for engineers to reproduce. Alex alone is the only link left to the days of Impulse, having recorded at 17 with Sun Ra during an age when this kind of sensitivity was recorded over months rather than days, proving it’s not a one-stop shop and it’s not only a question of $3000 mics. In this case a fine technician was called upon to record and master the project, Manfred Knoop at Knoop music studios, New Jersey so we’re nearer to the kind of production it takes to get quality masters.

Bop City: an eclectic overview of American mainstream jazz, played by legendary veterans of the idiom. Music includes compelling originals and a broad cross section of American staples. Band consists of Chris Hunter, saxes and flutes; Alex Blake, acoustic bass; Victor Jones, drums; Ted Cruz, piano.

Source: HunterCSax.com