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Greeting’s my fellow music aficionados, you say that you dig Latin Jazz?? … then do your ears a favor and feed your ongoing taste for this amazing style of music and discover and incredible voice of Afro-Cuban pianist Manuel Valera and his latest “Currents. Available on October, 6th from MAXJAZZ.” ~ The Urban Flux

Manuel Valera | Currents – [MAXJAZZ, 2009]

He leaves no doubt that he’s destined to play a role in the future of jazz. Valera shows a keen jazz vocabulary, a gift for creating grooves that invite stellar solo flights from his collaborators and the nerve to romance a melody when it suits him.” —Billboard Magazine

Manuel Valera, Currents

Manuel Valera, Currents

Cuban pianist, composer and arranger Manuel Valera is at the forefront of contemporary modern jazz. He represents the next generation of great performers and composers. On his new MAXJAZZ release, “Currents,” his sound is fresh, inviting and evocative, and his musical ideas bring a vitality and newness to the idioms of jazz and Latin jazz.

Joining Valera on this date is bassist James Genus and drummer Ernesto Simpson. “Currents” features five original compositions as well as a number of standards by the likes of Monk, Gershwin and Berlin.

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