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Greg Adams | East Bay Soul – [Ripa Records, 2009]

Greg Adams, East Bay Soul

Greg Adams, East Bay Soul

Trumpeter producer Greg Adams project East Bay Soul, September 22nd, 2009. Adams, founding member of Tower Of Power and legendary arranger, his signature sound made the Tower of Power horn section a sought out entity all it’s own. Greg has made an urbane, soulful and lush recording that showcases his stylishly soulful arrangements. As a trumpet player, Adams alternates between a powerful open horn and sexy muted trumpet revealing the breadth and elegance he embodies.

The sound has it’s roots in the uniquely soul based genre associated with the San Francisco East Bay Area. It is however, R&B for our time. Watch and hear this band and you will find yourself in front of the stage, and people will be moving with the music. The timeless quality of the East Bay Soul sound knows no age limits.

East Bay Soul will remind you of what you loved about music, creating an all new Metro Jazz; really a new approach of a melting pot of contemporary urban rhythm and a music combining all the sounds from the city. The ethnic sounds of the trials and tribulations, the hard fought, the victories, sweetness and sadness. It comes through in the music in all forms. It’s world, it’s metro, it’s edgy, it’s urban.

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