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Everette Harp | First Love – [Shanachie, 2009]

Everette Harp, First LoveDo you remember when you first fell in love? The magic, rush of emotions, the euphoria and excitement of it all! People fall in and out of love everyday but there are some people and some things that remain true loves forever. For celebrated saxophonist Everette Harp, jazz is a first love and enduring love. “I remember when I first discovered John Coltrane’s Soul Trane and Dave Brubeck’s Time Out albums in my parents’ record collection.

This was the music that made me first fall in love with jazz,” recalls Harp, whose own music has made millions of fans around the world fall in love with jazz. Although Harp’s first love was ‘traditional’ jazz, he has made his mark as one of the best-selling and most sought after ambassador’s of contemporary jazz for close to two decades.

First Love, Harp’s new and third Shanachie Entertainment CD is truly a labor of love and was inspired by opportunities he has had over the past year and a half to play both contemporary jazz and mainstream jazz gigs in the US and abroad. “I have had the chance to play with some incredible musicians in a variety of venues. All of which led me, inexorably, to this recording,” shares Harp. “With First Love I was given the opportunity to explore some of the elements of jazz that made me crave to learn more about this wonderful music. And while I feel like I am starting over again as a novice, that is a welcome sacrifice in regaining some of the excitement I felt some years ago. The possibility of growth is again my goal!”

Released Date: 10/27/2009

Source: Shanachie