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Nicola Conte | Rituals – [Emarcy, 2009]

Nicola Conte, RitualsThe follow-up to the classic “Other Directions” takes a more vocal route. Featuring mostly live instruments, Nicola Conte is joined by a multitude of players that include Timo Lassy on sax and flute, Fabrizio Bosso and Till Brönner on trumpets, Pietro Lussu on piano. Vocals are by Alice Ricciardi, José James, Chiara Civello, and Kim Sanders. The whole thing is just so classy.

The style (though not the vocal) resembles Mario Biondi’s wonderful Handful of Soul from a couple years back especially on Ellington’s “Caravan” and the Eastern vibe of “The Nubian Queens“, the latter featuring José James and standout solos by Timo Lassy. Nicola Conte knows “his” jazz and he has written or co-written all the tracks here except two and in an outstanding fashion.

“This is a journey through the jazz & samba sound of 60s Brazil. The music is completely lost now; people just don’t play like this anymore. There are some classics yet also tunes unknown. Listening to this compilation is like listening to the music I make – this is the foundation – I picture myself within this music. ‘Viagem 2’ portrays the Brazilian moods of mid 60’s, a vibe that swings to hard edged jazz samba – a hybrid that blends south and North America, Africa and Europe in a poetic, most unique way.” —NICOLA CONTE

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Checkout this cool and sassy vid featuring the retro-chic vocals stylings of Jose James on “Leaves in The Wind.”