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Danilo Perez | Panamonk – [Impulse! Records, 1996]


Danilo Perez, Panamonk

If you have ever wondered what the music of Thelonious Monk would sound like if played with a Latin flair (you may have never wondered that before, but now that you have started to read this review, you may well be wondering just that already–kind of like the old psychological trick, telling someone “try not to think about an elephant“), young pianist Danilo Lopez has the answers you have been looking for.

Playing both Monk originals and some of his own compositions, accompanied by bass and drums, Perez spiritedly communicates a zest for music and life that resonates with Monk’s musical personality. This is one of the freshest, most energetic jazz recordings I have heard in some time, and I recommend it highly to all jazz fans, especially to those with a love for the music of Thelonious Sphere Monk. —Karl W. Nehring

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