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When I hear music by musicians like talented and versatile bassist Kyle Eastwood, I’m simply overjoyed! “Metropolitain,” his latest effort on Rendezvous Music is in my opinion his most intriguing thus far. The music here is comprised from a tapestry of intense phrasings, lyrical rhythms and looming textures which in due time elevates you into a unexpected space which translates into a provocative and welcomed conversation between you the music. It’s like this, Metropolitain is definitely reason to celebrate his most impressive, eloquent and complete outing to date. With this project, you can hear Eastwood ceasing each moment as he meticulously creates a renewed palette of mesosphere music to raise the bar into a ongoing narrative speaking with a definitive and relaxed tone throughout. ~ The Urban Flux

Kyle Eastwood | Metropolitain – [Rendezvous, 2009]


Kyle Eastwood, Metropolitain

This superb Jazz album shows why Clint’s son has established a fine reputation as a bass player and jazz musician.
Metropolitain” – which is produced by longtime collaborator Michael Stevens with help from the son of Miles Davis, Erin Davis – is Kyle’s third album for the Candid label and certainly is his most eclectic album yet.

The new outing was recorded live in the back streets of Paris at Studio Feber, a tiny, wood-panelled studio suggested to Kyle by guest pianist on the album Eric Legnini. Kyle splits his time between Paris and LA but Paris seemed more of a spiritual home for this project. Perhaps because it gave Kyle access to such an incredible batch of top quality musicians.
As well as Eric Legnini, the album sees collaborations with cutting edge French pop vocalist Camille, German trumpet superstar Till Brönner and French drummer and current trailblazer Manu Katché. This very Herbie Hancock sounding set traverses many different styles of Jazz.

The title track is a powerful trumpet led, part wordless scat vocal upbeat cut. Though the hook is catchy, there is an atmosphere which can only be achieved with space. Kyle infuses “Hot Box” with a Headhunters like bass part.
Samba De Paris” is a fine Freddie Hubbard-like cut and very jazzy, whilst “Le Balai” has a soulful Jazz Funk groove. On the vocal side, the gritty “Live For Life” adds a dose of Funk: it is the only vocal led track. In contrast to previous albums Kyle steered clear of vocal tracks; on “Metropolitain“, however, this track, written by Nigerian-born singer Toyin, spoke volumes to Kyle and he decided to record it. The track is the accumulation of the live recording experience. With nine musicians performing live and simultaneously in the studio the track holds a special place in the hearts of everyone involved. My favorite tracks: “Metropolitain“, “Black Light”, “Rue Perdue”, “Samba De Paris”, “Bold Changes” and “Le Balai”.

An excellent achievement for Kyle. Overall, this is his most eclectic and beautiful album yet! —Jazz 4 Soul

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