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Tom Braxton | Endless Highway – [Pacific Coast Jazz, 2009]

Tom Braxton, Endless HighwayListening to saxophonist Tom Braxton on his latest release, “Endless Highway,” one cannot help being filled with a sense of joy as his music swirls through your soul and leaves you spellbound as he cleverly caresses each note of his lyrical melodies. A seasoned performer, who knows how to charm audiences of all ages, Braxton has his own distinctive and recognizable sound which incorporates elements of Jazz, Latin, Funk and R&B. This new disc highlights Braxton as a composer, producer and arranger along with six of his original compositions that feature his effortless transition from soprano, alto and tenor saxophones to showcasing his versatility on piano, keyboards and flute.

Braxton definitely takes us on a memorable ride on this sensational soundtrack. Joined by an outstanding array of instrumentalists and vocalists, this recording is a toe-tapping, colorful, groove-oriented excursion with a sophisticated urban flavor that will make you feel like dancing and singing all day long.

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