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Stanley Turrentine’s warm and expressive timbre is one of the most recognizable voices on saxophone from back in the day. His debut “Sugar,” is accompanied by a stellar cast of A-lists players brings absolute smoke to this dynamic and soul stirring recording! The highly acclaimed “Sugar,” still ranks as one of the best from his incredible catalog of recordings! ~ The Urban Flux

Stanley Turrentine | Sugar – [CTI, 1971] – The Weekend Spin

Stanley Turrentine, Sugar

I don’t understand why this CD received anything but great reviews. Stanley Turrentine has always been one of the most accessible, yet exciting sax players since he knows that jazz and blues are often the same. I’d rather listen to Turrentine than a lot of players who play in a more intellectual way, since he understands the feel and dynamics of the supporting personnel. And what great personnel…if you know anything about jazz; Freddie Hubbard, George Benson, Ron Carter, Billy Cobham plus lesser knowns like Butch Cornell, Lonnie Smith, and Hubert Laws make for some very dynamic and expressive music. The live bonus title track is excellent and definitely has a more live, spaced out feel. Sunshine Alley is excellent soul jazz with a funky backbeat. And the Impressions is an excellent rendition of the Coltrane classic since it has the similar structure to the original but shows obvious Turrentine touches.

Everything on this album has so much soul. This is typical of classic “soul jazz” since it combines the relaxed blues feeling and directness with jazz type rhythms; accessibility but interesting and changing improvisation. This is not the cold, cerebral type of jazz that turns off people unfamiliar to jazz music, but makes people increase their appreciation for improvisatory music. —Edward M. Green [CO]

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