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MiltBagsJackson | Sunflower – [CTI, 1973]

Milt Jackson, Sunflower

Yea, another CTI winner. You go, Bags. Loved this when I had the vinyl, and love it now. The track “For Someone I Love” NEVER ceases to put me in THAT mood. Serious, sophisticated, gorgeous. Listen to Herbie in the mix getting into this and scatting. And those fantastic swirling strings that just carry you away on a cloud. I love the whole date.

A classic CTI from the 70’s with some of the best CTI stars at the time. Carter, Cobham, and Hubbard all kick in on this with Sebesky’s perfect arranging and conducting. I only wish some alternate takes could have been added. I won’t quibble about SKJ being added. Any Bags is good Bags to my ears.

A million stars. —James K. Stewart [KY]

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