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Arturo O’Farrill | Risa Negra – [ZOHO Music L.L.C., 2009]

Arturo O'Farrill, Risa Negra

Arturo O'Farrill, Risa Negra

On “Risa Negra” (“Black Laughter”), 2009 GRAMMY winner O’Farrill presents his multi-cultural sextet in ten exciting originals, defining contemporary Latin Jazz in the 21st century.

The jury is out on the iPod generation. It would take years of non-stop listening to get through the music on some people’s players. For these types, it’s not love of music, it’s ownership. They tend to use music as wallpaper. There are not many serious music listeners left, the kind that turn off all electronic diversions, sit down in a comfy chair, close their eyes and allow the music to take them away.

My father Chico had a daily listening time – classical, Latin, jazz, pop, no distinctions. He loved all good music. This recording is for him and for those like him. It is a Latin/jazz/funk/classical listening session. If you want a neatly categorized jazz moment, bypass this product, go to the jazz institutions instead. There you can have your music, temperature-controlled, sanitized and explained.

However, if you have a comfy chair, a sweet pair of speakers, the time to invest, then please let this music, made with love, respect and awe, lead you where it will. Every composition is a short story. The important thing is that you sit still, open your ears and receive musical offerings and blessings. —Arturo O’Farrill [Liner Notes]

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