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Jimmy Smith | Back at the Chicken Shack – [Blue Note Records, 1960]

Jimmy Smith, Back at The Chicken Shack

Jimmy Smith, Back at The Chicken Shack

Heres the fabulous Jimmy Smith playing Hammond B3 and driving a top notch band along. The title track is drenched in the blues, and after the theme statement Smith plays a superb two and half minutes solo. Then of course there is Kenny Burrell on Guitar and Stanley Turrentine on Tenor Sax who are no slouches themselves.

On “When I grow too old to dreamJimmy Smith lets Turrentine take the first solo and after a subtle start to his Sax solo he builds up quite a head of steam. After a short Smith solo Turrentine is back for more with another solo. Its that sort of album. I’m guessing that they were having great fun in the studio when they recorded this. The rest of the album maintains the same high standard of the first two tracks.

The album was recorded in 1960 and of course has another of those classic Blue Note album covers. The original sleeve notes by Ira Gitler give plenty of background information on the album including how the album cover came about. A great recording. —SJ Buck

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