Kudos to Jeff for helping me close out 2009 to re-discover three fusion classics by the Canadian fusion group Kittyhawk!

Kittyhawk | Kittyhawk – [Hightower Recording Artists, 2007]


This is the LP that introduced me to the concept of jazz and improvisation. I LOVE this album so much I went and bought a USB turntable to convert my old copy to digital, buzzes, scratches and all.

My ONLY complaint about this MP3 release is that it hasn’t been remastered for the new medium, and the bass and overall level is much lower than modern recordings – a problem that could have and should have been remedied before releasing it into the digital domain.

That being said, I’m very glad to have a scratch/buzz free version in my iPod. —John M. Marsaden

You can also find more fusion classics by KittyhawkFanfare, and Race for the Oasis at Amazon.com.

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