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Fernando Huergo | Provinciano – [Sunnyside Records, 2008]

Fernando Huergo - Provinciano

This is not just another record of music by an Argentinean musician. Provinciano is a brave attempt to create a new metaphor based on traditional harmonics and rhythms that inhabit the Argentinean Tango and folkloric music. Fernando Huergo, bassist extraordinaire makes a huge leap of faith as he – first explains – and then demonstrates the depth of his creativity and staggering virtuosity in his musical sojourn and his organically evolving bass playing.

Alejo Carpentier once wrote, fictionally of course, of a journey that he once undertook to find the origin of sound. That mythical journey took him into the Amazon and where he lost himself among a very primitive, yet sophisticated people and discovered the magical elixir of sound – a pure sound itself. On Provinciano, Huergo makes a similar journey; only his is one that can no longer traverse a primitive sound scape. But his is a journey that takes place in the interior landscape of the musical mind. Here the musician has imbued the many magical rhythmic impulses that ignite creativity. Amazingly, these parallel the same impulses that have driven jazz music through the ages. The impulse to create continually through time and space – to improvise. Then there is the element of swing and the joyful heartache of the blues. —Raul de Gama

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Original Release Date: May 20, 2008

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