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Lars Danielsson | Tarantella – [ACT Music, 2009]

Lars Danielsson - Tarantella

Lars Danielsson is an outstanding Bass player from Sweden who, despite this being his third solo outing, is not (like his chosen label ACT Records) very widely known. Whereas his previous album, “Pasodoble” was a strict duo collaboration with Polish pianist Leszek Mozdzer, on “Tarantella” Danielsson broadens the sonic palette by bringing in Mathias Eick on Trumpet, John Parricelli on Guitar & Eric Harland on Drums & Percussion, although all five are rarely heard together with Paricelli being mainly a background figure.

To describe the music you’d have to say that whilst falling within the broad “jazz” canon it certainly has a romantic classical chamber music basis and is highly lyrical, introspective, accessible, engaging & enjoyable whilst somewhat lacking any real fire or “edge”(perfect for a reflective Sunday morning over coffee & pastries!). Danielsson wrote or co-wrote all the tracks except Mozdzer’s “Fiojo”. Eick & Mozdzer are clearly the prominent voices on this disc, with Eick’s trumpet prominent yet rather softly spoken throughout & Mozdzer continually providing excellent support & continuity without a lot of soloing. Danielsson has limited solo space but when he does (for example on “Melody on Wood” & “Traveller’s Wife” which is a solo bass piece) he is excellent.

“Traveller’s Defense” which follows immediately after “Traveller’s Wife” is a standout with Eick & Mozdzer embellishing a delightfully mournful yet purposeful theme. Other standouts are “Fiojo” which features delightful interplay between piano & bass and “The Madonna” which again features Eick & Mozdzer with very good changes of mood/dynamic including some nice propulsive beats from Harland and a delightful piano solo. Highly recommended. —David J. Ohanlon

Original Release Date: February 27, 2009

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