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Jazz lovers, if by chance you haven’t collected any recordings from the legendary Blue Note Records catalog. Then, without hesitation, I’ll highly recommend this amazing double disc collection by Jazzanova titled Blue Note Trip. In retrospect, this album captures the vibe and creative spirit of jazz during this incredible era is a perfect beginning to introduced yourself to this infallible music from Blue Note. ~ Rob Young | The Urban Music

Jazzanova | Blue Note Trip: Lookin’ Back/Movin’ On – [Blue Note, 2005]

Jazzanova - Blue Note Trip - Lookin' Back - Movin' On

Berlin’s Jazzanova collective formed in 1995 after DJing with one another at a club called Delicious Doughnuts. Alexander Barck, Class Brieler, Roskow Kretschmann, Stefan Leisering, Axel Reinemer, and Jurgen von Knoblauch shared a common goal of blending their collected inspirations together to create a new, sophisticated sound with debts owed to nearly every form of dance-oriented music from the past several decades. Like a lot of upstart producers and underexposed jazz-funk ghosts of the past, Jazzanova got their first major break from BBC disc jockey Giles Peterson who played the group’s first production, “Fedime’s Flight” on his program in 1997. This helped set off a series of remix projects and the Jazzanova name became known for inspired DJ sets as well.

The collective has now compiled an album for Blue Note Records based totally on its catalog. In this particular Blue Note ‘DJ set’ comprised of vintage tracks, Jazzanova created distinctly different moods on the two discs. Generating energetic moments with melodies and arrangements, Jazzanova displays that Blue Note has released all kinds of different styles of music, avoiding the jazz stereotype. Their selection of tracks was based on two main criteria: club sensibility and radio affinity. Blending these aspects has been the core of the Jazzanova idea of music.

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