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Anat Cohen | Poetica – [Anzic Records, 2007]

Anat Cohen - Poetica

I found out about this CD because it was one of Slate magazine’s top 10 Jazz CDs for 2007. I checked it out further and found out it was also in the Top 20 Jazz CDs of 2007 in the Village Voice Poll. Then I found out the artist, Anat Cohen, won several awards last year from Downbeat Magazine and The Jazz Journalists Association, and was the first woman horn player to lead a band at the Village Vanguard. So, naturally, I was curious to hear it. When I did, I understood why Anat Cohen is one of the fastest rising stars in jazz. She has an unbelievably beautiful tone on the clarinet, an extraordinary gift for interpreting melodies, and most importantly, exquisite improvisational skills. What is most impressive about her, however, is her restraint.

Though she clearly is a virtuoso in terms of technique (I know this from listening to some of her other CDs and, especially, hearing her play live since I bought “POETICA”), she never succumbs to the temptation to show off. She always serves the music. And, in the case of Poetica, it is beautiful music indeed. In fact, I think this is the best CD of its kind I’ve heard since Jim Hall’s “Concierto”. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates that subtlety can be the soul of a musical masterpiece. —Earscape/Amazon.com

Original Release Date: November 30, 2006

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