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Dave King | Indelicate – [Sunnyside, 2010]

Dave King - Indelicate

When the adventurous jazz trio the Bad Plus is onstage, it’s quite possible that no one in the room is having a better time than drummer Dave King. Gifted with an intensely athletic, time-bending approach, King’s face is often locked into a manic grin as his body contorts around his kit in a syncopated high-wire act that anchors the group’s sound.

So maybe it was only a matter of time until King gave a solo album a try. But instead of crafting a collection of layered beats, King makes the unconventional choice of showcasing his piano chops as well. His bent sense of melody sometimes recalls the “ugly beauty” of Thelonious Monk, such as on the jagged “Bees.” Other times a fragile beauty emerges — on the piano ballad “I See You, You See Me,” for example — that flies against the album’s self-deprecating title. —Chris Barton

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