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Sonny Rollins | Plus 4 – [Prestige/OJC, 1956]

Sonny Rollins - Plus 4

A crackling bit of hardbop from Sonny Rollins — and a session that has Sonny playing with the Max Roach/Clifford Brown group that included Bud Powell’s brother Richie on piano!

Sonny had already made a strong name for himself on albums issued under the Roach/Brown tag at the time, and here the group returns the favor by allowing Sonny to lead, and by giving him a good deal of time in the spotlight! Rollins’ solo ability is risen to a razor-sharp level for the set — really getting fire, and managing to invent at a speed and sharpness that’s simply amazing.

Titles include Sonny’s classic reading of “Pent-up House”, plus “Valse Hot”, “Kiss & Run”, and “Count Your Blessings”.

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