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Eliane Elias | Brazilian Classics – [Blue Note, 2003]

Eliane Elias - Brazilian Classics

Elaine Elias is an excellent jazz keyboardist. She is engaged with the real spirit of the saudade ( a clever term employed in Brazil to design something more than a farewell, you may consider it nostalgia but it goes far beyond this meaning).

Anyway his magic fingers and velvet voice carries you to Rio de Janeiro and evoke the smooth mood and the seductive rhythm in every track.

Elias made a sincere tribute not only to Brazil but all his talented composers Vinicio de Moraes, Milton Nascimento, Jobim these pioneers of the bossa nova and glorious and timeless themes such Garota de Ipanema , Agua de beber, Chega de saudade , Dindi , March Waters, Brazil, Black Orpheus or One Note Samba are some of the most emblematic titles of that febrile land so filled of charm and mystery. —Herman Gomez Pardo

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