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Terry Callier | Occasional Rain – [GRP, 2008] – Reissue

Terry Callier - Occasional Rain

I first heard this LP back in the early ’70’s in Providence, RI. Every Sunday afternoon Vincent Thomas did a show entitled the “360 Black Experience” on WBRU. This was before webcasting and on the cusp of amplified radio antennas so, for someone accustomed to New York radio, it was the only time the Providence airwaves came alive since I was never a big Salty Brian fan. I recall strolling down Thayer Street and perusing the record bins at the one record shop. The album “Occasional Rain” was stuck among the bunch. I picked it up and put it back. Later, after hearing “Trance on Sedgewick Street” over the air, I raced back, brought it and began a lifelong interest in this wonderful muscian’s stories. I later found out that he wrote the Dell’s hit, “The Love We Had Stays on My Mind“. Step back in time and give this one a listen. It doesn’t disappoint.

AMG says: “Recorded more than six years after The New Folk Sound, this was the first album to feature Terry Callier’s unusual hybrid sound. The combination of a rich baritone voice and his unique blues/folk/jazz songwriting are met by just a touch of Andy Williams’ zim, making Occasional Rain the best of his albums from the early ’70s. Often prone to expansive, wandering melodies, Callier has written a tightness into most of the songs here that would generally be abandoned on the records to follow. Two of his most recognizable songs, “Ordinary Joe” and “Lean on Me,” make their appearance and are joined by fragments of “Go ‘Head On,” which are interspersed throughout and provide a conceptual framework for the album as a whole. Highly accessible, this album conjures an intimate and relaxed mood, perfect for that lazy weekend morning.”

Open your ears. You have nothing to lose.

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