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Marlon Simon | In Case You Missed It – [Jazzheads, 2007]

Marlon Simon - In Case You Missed It

Marlon is like good wines (I am French, lol) He gets better with time. Being a NYC Latin Jazz aficionado for many years, just crazy for Jerry Gonzalez and his Fort Apache Band, Rumba and Bop perfectly fusioned.
I discovered first Marlon’s Cd in 1997, “Marlon goes Latin”, Gonzalez brothers were there also..

Since then, Marlon made his own Latin Jazz, the one of the “Nagual Spirits”, with its unique deep emotion and authenticity, with top jazz technique and true Rumbero spirit. After “Rumba a la Patato” and a live in Bolivia, comes this trully accomplished release “In case you missed it”; built around this wonderfull tune written by monsieur Bobby Watson when we was with Art blabey, a tune I looked for so many years..basicaly named “Fuller Love”. This cd is all about Beauty..:)

Marlon simon is one of the “keeper of this flame”, the Latin Jazz masters are not dead. Que viva la Musica! Aché.

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