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Introducing Patrica Romania

HCM congratulates our artist Patricia Romania on her Troféu Louvemos o Senhor 2010 nomination for Best Female Singer for her incredible performance of the song “Anjo Guardião” on the Banda Canal da Grace CD.

If after experiencing Patricia’s performance you agree she is deserving of your vote … please go to the Troféu Louvemos o Senhor 2010 website and vote.

Patricia - MySpace

21 year old Brazilian singer Patricia began singing as a child – singing at parties for friends and family. At 7 years old, she sang in the Teatro Municipal de Araraquara in her native Brazil, interpreting the music “Era uma vez” composed by Peninha.

At 13 years old, she started performing at concerts throughout the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. And, after 2 years she started to study classical music and lyric vocal, and participated in opera recitals in the Concert Hall of the Tulia USP. Among her presentations were tributes to Elis Regina, MPB, and American Blues and Jazz … performing with her Sao Paulo band.

She was first noticed in 2006 in a series of reports “Young Talents” on TV Globo. And, in the past few years, with a nod to the great traditions of Brazilian music and culture, Patricia has performed at local festivals throughout Brazil, and rodeos in Jaguariuna, Borborema and Barretos. In particular, she consistently “brought the house down” with her interpretation of the song “Ave Maria.”

Patricia recently released her first independent CD on her website. The CD was recorded in Salvador with the musicians of banda Babado Novo, and it was that music (including the song “Eu Te Juro”, which played on several radio stations in the state of São Paulo … rising to be a Top 20 song) that brought her to the attention of Hebert-Carrington Media. In addition to the incredible performance of “Anjo Guardião” with Banda Canal da Graça, Patricia can be seen in concerts throughout Brazil, and heard on the recent Raca Negra’s DVD singing the duet: “Devolva Me” with Luiz Carlos.

Patricia will be recording her first CD for HCM in Portuguese, Spanish and English under the guidance of Executive Producers Robert Hebert and Terri Lyne Carrington, and a Brazilian-American star team of producers, musicians and composers. In addition to Larry Williams, Toninho Horta, Terri Lyne Carrington, Sandro Albert, Robert Irving III, Mitchel Forman, Darryl Jones, Dede Sampaio, Greta’s Bakery, Jimmy Haslip, Patrice Rushen, Chris Walker, Danny Leake, Everette Harp, Michael Houston, Andre Rievers, Danielle Mariuzzo, Elias Almeida & Ney Marques already on the team … we expect to be joined by Nathan East, Greg Phillinganes, Russell Ferrante, Siedah Garrett, and some other of the world’s great talents.

Hebert-Carrington Media anticipates Patricia’s international debut will be released in Japan / Asia Pacific and Europe in 4Q 2010, and in North America and Latin America in 1Q 2011.

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In addition to working with Patricia, HCM has several major initiatives in 2010, including:

* Terri Lyne Carrington’s latest release: “Sherwood Forest” – featuring George Duke and Christian McBride.
* Our “Herbie Hits!” homage to the great Herbie Hancock.
* Our “Mosaic Project 1” multi-media initiative, featuring Terri Lyne Carrington and the world’s greatest female jazz musicians.
* Our first project with the legendary Brazilian guitarist Toninho Horta.
* Our first project with gifted Brazilian singer-songwriter Dani Mariuzzo – being introduced to international markets in a performer category that includes Sheryl Crow, Jewel, and Colbie Caillat.
* Our projects with composer, arranger, keyboardist, Robert Irving II.
* Our projects with bassist Darryl Jones.
* Our projects with keyboardist Mitchel Forman.
* Special digital media projects with partners such as Miles Davis Properties

Check out Patricia Romania at MySpace.com.

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