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Raynald Colom - Sketches of Groove

Raynald Colom | Sketches of Groove – [Fresh Sound Records, 2007]

::||:: Raynald Colom was born in Vincennes (France) in 1978. He started learning music at the Créteil Music Conservatory when he was four years old: he studied violin until age eight, when his parents gave him a trumpet.

In 1988 his family moved to Barcelona (Spain), where he continued his musical studies, and got some private tuition by Wynton Marsalis, Roy Hargrove and Kenny Barron. In 1999, after finishing studies at the Terrassa Municipal Conservatory and the Bellaterra Music School, he obtained a scholarship for the Berklee Music College in Boston, where he learned from teachers such as Bill Pierce and Darren Barrett among others.

In 2000 he moved to Barcelona where he started freelancing with musicians like Albert Bover, Randy Becker, Jesse Davis, Robin Eubanks, Horacio Fumero, Chris Higgins, Guillermo McGill, Michael Philip Mossman, Perico Sambeat, Antonio Serrano, or Louis Stewart. He also traveled trough the US and Latin America as part of Manu Chao’s “Clandestino” tour.

In 2001, he joined the European Youth Orchestra, conducted by Dutch saxophonist Benjamin Herman. With them, he played some of the top European festivals, like North Sea or Copenhagen, appeared at the famed Ronnie Scott’s Club in London, and performed in Ireland and Germany. He then joined Perico Sambeat’s Sextet, touring Spain, Uruguay and Argentina in 2002 and 2003. He was again invited by Benjamin Herman for a Dutch tour and also collaborated with the electronic music band “Wagon Cookin’”, appearing at the famous Blue Note Club in Tokyo. In 2005 he performed at the Mas i Mas Music Festival in Barcelona with Mulgrew Miller and José Reinoso.
Raynald Colom is one of the most demanded artists in the Spanish Jazz recording scene. His trumpet can be heard in albums by Adrian Iaies, Horacio Fumero, Marcelo Mercadante, Fermín Muguruza, José Reinoso, Luis Salinas, Perico Sambeat, Albert Sanz, etc.

The Spanish label Fresh Sound New Talent released Raynald’s first CD as a leader, “My 51 Minutes”, in 2005. The album was extremely well received by the press, and got great reviews and accolades. In 2006, while still enjoying the success of his first record, the famous Flamenco singer Duquende invited Raynald as a guest for the recording of his album “Mi Forma De Vivir”. This was the starting point of Raynald’s love affair with Flamenco music: in only a couple of years he became the premier trumpet player amongst the Flamenco elite, working as a soloist with bands such as those of Chicuelo, Duquende, and harmonica player Antonio Serrano (“Armonitango” – Sony/BMG). Raynald is presently (2008) working with Rosario la Tremendita on her new release “Pinceladas”.

In 2007 Raynald was nominated as a young promise on the EuroDjango Awards. Early in the same year he had traveled to Timbuktu to participate in the Festival au Désert, along with Armand Sabel-Lecco. After frequent stays in New York, Raynald returned to Barcelona in May 2008 to finish his new CD “Sketches of Groove”, the official release date being November 25th, during the 40th Barcelona Jazz Festival.

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