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Dirik Schilgen JazzGrooves - Plenty of ...

Dirik Schilgen Jazzgrooves | Plenty of … – [Jazz ‘n’ Arts, 2010]

At the release of their new CD “Plenty of ….“ in spring 2010 Dirik Schilgen JazzGrooves are on tour again. Since the publication of the first CD in 2006 the band has played on many stages in Germany and abroad. The new CD of Heidelberg’s nationally and internationally known drummer Dirik Schilgen, continues the previous concept. Variety and variegation run like a red thread through the new compositions combining the various facets of Jazz, Soul, Brazilian and Latin American music in a wonderfully smooth way. The appeal of the bandleader’s mature compositions and arrangements lies in their clarity and show a very keen sense of rhythm and melody. The catchy musical themes in two voices also leave room for improvisation.

Borne by the double bass, piano and the strikingly transparent sound of the drums, the saxophone and trumpet pick up the musical themes and contribute nuance and improvisation in rich variation. Blazing brass riffs, funky beats, swinging to rockin’ grooves, floating Latin and Lounge rhythms: this all creates a mélange of very laissez-faire and relaxing Lounge music. Schilgen’s JazzGrooves gather the Who is Who of the Jazz scene in Mannheim and the Rhein-Neckar region.

Together with Matthias Dörsam (Trio 3D, Coleümes, Mardi Grass, Rotgau Monotones) Schilgen has been playing in various formations for more than 15 years. They were joined by Mannheim’s star pianist Daniel Prandl and the bassist Matthias Debus from Speyer. There is also the Brazilian Cris Gavazzoni who is an asset to the band which is completed by label chief and trumpeter Thomas Siffling.

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