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Lucerne Jazz Orchestra - Don't Walk Too Far

Lucerne Jazz Orchestra .:|:. Don’t Walk Too Far – [Unit Records (ALIVE), 2009]

:: Liner Notes :: With its debut album Don’t walk too far the Lucerne Jazz Orchestra presents a first retrospective of its two-year existence, underlining its musical orientation after an intensive time of rehearsing and giving concerts. A new generation of musicians and composers is passionately working on breathing new life into the body of sound “Big Band”, without taking any compromises.

With a good feel for tradition as well as a consistent curiosity for finding ways out of it, four young composers – all of them members of the orchestra themselves – brought their own point of view to today’s orchestral Mainstream-Jazz. Listening to the new album, it is out of question that not only the composers, but every person involved have put their hearts and souls into the project.

Whether as instrumentalists, soloists or composers, nineteen individualists have found their way to form one extraordinary body of sound and being lead by David Grottschreiber, they are heading into their very own musical direction.

You may listen to tracks at iTunes.

..:: Source: Unit Records Switzerland ::..