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Simon Goulding

Simon Goulding - Familia

Simon Goulding ::|:: Familia – [Simon Goulding, 2010]

Debut album with 12 tracks of a hard hitting mix of Jazz/Latin/Fusion with smooth melodies woven around intricate and intriguing rhythms to create a sound thats Funky and original with more than a hint of bass.

-::BIO::- I grew up in the village of Coppull, Lancashire, NW England. I Started playing the bass guitar at the age of 9 and quickly realized that it was what I wanted to do for ever. How did the bass guitar come into my hands…..Well.. I remember watching an Eric Clapton concert on TV as a kid. I noticed a guy stood at the back next to the drummer who was making the band groove and the music made me get goose bumps everytime the bass player was shown on TV. I then started to be obsessed with the bass and it’s role in the band sitting in front of the radio, TV and listening out for the bass and trying to find out who it was because most of the time they would’nt tell you who the band was. Years of intensive woodshedding followed. I studied music at school and actually was teaching at the school music centre while still a student. I studied music at Wigan & Leigh college obtaining a BTEC national diploma in performing arts and being awarded the college music prize on 2 consecutive years.

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