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Stephen Richard - Circa 79

Stephen Richard | Circa 79 – [Southern Dialect Music, 2010]

Jazz at it’s finest. Look no further, you will play this CD from beginning to end without skipping a tune. This independent release is definitely in the same league as the majors and shines with it’s all star lineup of musicians. From funk, soul, straight ahead to ballads Stephen Richard’sCirca 79 will satisfy anyone’s musical taste.

Circa 79 demonstrates a flair of yesterday and tomorrow by taking you on a musical journey of his life. On the first listen Circa 79 listeners will find it is easy to listen to from start to finish. However on the second and third time around you’ll really begin to notice the organic grooves, layers and the subtle and intricate interplay within the music.

Richard penned 6 of the 10 tunes on the CD, the four he didn’t write are cover tunes and he’s credited as an arranger for those. The CD opens with Everybody Loves the Sunshine a Roy Ayers classic, this tune showcases the bands groove and their ability to cover a song, make it their own without dissapointing the original. The CD closes with an original composition from Richard, it’s a burner featuring Downbeats 2009 Flutist of the Year Hubert Laws.

Richard titled the project Circa 79 due to his birth on 7/9/79, he laughs saying “that’s the day I came into existence.” With songs like Father’s Love, a song he wrote for his father, 7034 Krause Drive, a song he penned reflecting on his childhood home and his original composition entitled Impossible, inspired and dedicated to the late Ronald Thornton his high school band director. If you didn’t know who Stephen Richard was before listening to Circa 79, you definitely will know afterwards.

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