Origin Blue - May I Say You Something

Origin Blue -|- May I Say You Something? – [S.T.W.O.M. Records, 2009]

“Whether developing a fresh harmonic, as well as rhythmic, approach to a standard, or working through densely layered and challenging arrangements by the band members, this is a trio for the new decade” – Tony Moreno

“A sincere friendship expressed musically in this impressive debut outing” – Andy Milne, Dapp Theory

“The sound these three gentlemen create is far from basic jazz…giving jazz lovers and non-jazz lovers a groove that invokes a plethora of emotions and allows them to let go and live in the moment…Origin Blue is not only a jazz trio, they are also ‘Masters of the Moment’ with an eclectic sound that can be simply described as “Feel Good” music” – Glendale News-Press

“A drop dead gorgeous interpretation of Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’. For that alone they’re worth checking out” – LA Weekly

Drawing influences from nearly everything that crosses their path, ORIGIN BLUE creates music that is both easily recognizable and hard to categorize. The genre-bending trio combines all styles of music from funk to modern/contemporary jazz to rock and distills them into sounds that are as thought-provoking as they are danceable. The group has performed their music in venues worldwide, including the Blue Note Milan and Catalina’s Jazz Club in Hollywood, and they have collaborated with such celebrated musicians as saxophonist Francesco Bearzatti. Their debut album, “May I Say You Something?”, was released in November 2009.

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