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Naima - Buscas

Naima -||- Buscas – [MilanaBonita, 2010]

Naima mixes the complexity of jazz with popular music. It manages to closer to the public a type of music with as many nuances as jazz has, with the help of familiar melodies and some pop-rock anthems.

The band consists of a tenor sax, drums, piano and double bass, a classic quartet with an electronic sound that is relevant for today’s scene.

Naima works on different intensities, making a journey out of each song. A journey through Mediterranean villages, heading north in search of sounds that surround us with warmth as if we were in a Scandinavian city. Naima has just released its second album, Buscas? (“Are you looking for …?”), featuring Mario Rossy on the double bass. The album has 7 original tracks, and 2 cover versions from Depeche Mode and The Smiths.

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