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Ricardo Silveira – Até Amanhã (Til Tomorrow)

Ricardo Silveira -||- Até Amanhã – [Adventure Music – 2010]

The music of guitarist Ricardo Silveira flows—especially on Até Amanhã/’Til Tomorrow–flows like an interminable river into the proverbial ocean of sound where a world of music mixes and mingles. Yet the idea that he is only marginally Brazilian is anathema. Silveira’s music ripples and gushes with a forceful swagger recalling, at times, the immensity force Rio Negro. That is when his phrases and lines bubble like with liquefying, steamy splendour. At other times the guitarist may interrupt his free-flowing ideas with a dynamic that could well feature a stabbing ferocity of well-chosen single notes, triads or chords. But this only serves to frame and accentuate the fluidity of his vocal phrases.

On this album, Silveira’s musical language is intertwined with superbly arranged woodwinds, reeds and brass instruments that play staccato and legato as the score demands, with concert-hall, almost symphonic coloration. Throughout the proceedings, however, there is the persistent reminder that his beloved country is never far from his thoughts, especially when clarinets and flutes play in counterpoint with percussion that treats the ear to the maddening acceleration of the samba.

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