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Tomasz Stanko Quintet - Dark Eyes

Tomasz Stanko Quintet -||- Dark Eyes – [ECM Records, 2010]

This release features Stanko’s current group recorded April 09. The quintet turned in a wonderful set last night in San Francisco the day after Poland’s air tragedy. (I had reservations about this new young band, considering the strength of Wasileski/Kurkiewics and Miskiewics on Stanko’s last 3 efforts- (Soul of Things, Suspended Night, Lontano), but the new band is wonderful. The addition Jacob Bro on reserved guitar adds a lot to the sound of this album. The cuts are shorter, but very cohesive and well programmed. In all of Stanko’s releases there are always a few real standouts, for me this record flows beautifully as a complete work. The Samba cut really works for me as the drummer really swings it. I have about 6 of Stanko’s releases, and all are great, but this may very well be my strong favorite.

Sometimes I need my Kermit Ruffins, sometimes I need the reflective, emotive European trumpet such as Stanko. The addition of Jacob Bro on guitar may further the usual comparisons to 1969’s Miles Davis’ “In a Silent Way” period, as there is some John McLaughlin inspired nuance but the comparison can only be used to broaden the discussion, as Stanko’s compositions and execution stand brilliantly alone in the Jazz world. Best of year contender. —C Whitby/Amazon.com

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