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Greetings’ jazz aficionados, I’m back with an intricate canvas of what’s -cool- and maybe not so -cool- from a optimistic perspective we don’t usually find in the diet of the chromatic pop music culture. The origin of new music featured each week encompasses various branches of jazz, which exudes a wealth of complex and distinctive styles, insinuating textures, immaculate melodies, and relentless rhythms exalted by the definitive voices of creative artists serves up sounds to quench our immutable thirst for quality music.

Featured Album of the Week

Smith, Brooks & Prasanna

Steve-SmithGeorge-BrooksPrasanna -\\- Raga Bop Trio – [Abstract Logix, 2010]

The music of the Raga Bop Trio is an organic blend of jazz, rock, funk, afro-Caribbean and Indian classical music. In this music there is the strong influence of western harmony and melody as well as U.S. style grooves and Euro-jazz atmospheric feels. From the Indian side, George Brooks brings his expertise in the north Indian Hindustani style and Prasanna – being from Chennai, India – is an expert in the south Indian Carnatic style.

I grew up with the U.S. jazz/groove concept and starting in 2002 I’ve incorporated north and south Indian rhythms into my playing. For me, the distinctive quality of the Raga Bop Trio is that the writing and playing employ a seamless amalgamation of all the individual components.

New Music Releases

Below we have list of this weeks latest jazz releases, also while you’re here check out Amazon.com for and extended lists of Imports, Vinyl, Soundtracks, and Re-issues.

-))- XII by Brian Culbertson
-))- Jazzmasters VI by Paul Hardcastle
-))- The Electric Sound Of Johnny Arrow by Cochemea Gastelum
-))- Tomcat (XRCD24 Master) by Lee Morgan
-))- Raga Bop Trio by Steve Smith / George Brooks / Prasanna
-))- Gifts and Messages by Roland Kirk
-))- Whirl (Ogv) by Fred Hersch (Vinyl)
-))- Prayer for Peace by Billy Bang
-))- Grass Catching the Wind by Yelena Eckemoff
-))- A Handful Of Stars by Adam Schroeder
Witch’s Scream by John Tchicai, Reggie Workman, and Andrew Cyrille
-))- The Next Phase by Willie Jones III
-))- Body and Soul by Wes Montgomery
-))- Out Of The Pan… by Wally Schnalle
-))- Thinking Out Loud by Nadav Snir-Zelniker
-))- Something Else! by Ornette Coleman (Vinyl)
-))- In And Out Of Love by Jay Clayton

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