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Dexter Gordon - A Swingin' Affair

Dexter Gordon -//- A Swingin’ Affair – [BLUE NOTE, 1964]

Just two days after recording Go!, Dexter Gordon reentered the studio with the same group of musicians (Sonny Clark: piano, Butch Warren: bass, Billy Higgins: drums) and set down the music that would become A Swingin’ Affair. Go! Seems to have received most of the critical attention, and while I’ll not deny that that album is a classic (see my review), I find A Swingin’ Affair to be the more enjoyable album. Both albums are well played, but I think the song selection on A Swingin’ Affair is just a tad stronger. The album begins with “Soy Califa“, an infectious Latin tinged bop, which in my opinion is superior to any of the tracks on Go!

Another standout track is the ballad “Don’t Explain“. Dexter’s tone on this track is exquisite, as he manages to take all the power and body of his horn and channel it at a much lower volume, perfectly suiting the mood of the song. “You Stepped Out of A Dream” is another exemplary ballad. “The Backbone“, composed by bassist Warren is a snappy number that’ll make you tap your feet. “Until the Real Thing Comes Along” is another nice mid-tempo groover, and the album closes with “McSplivens”, a Gordon original named for his dog. The musicians are excellent throughout and it’s obvious why Blue Note wanted them back in the studio so soon after completing Go!. I simply can’t say enough about Dexter Gordon. His tone is as deep as the Cayman Trench, his sense of melody superb. My favorite album of his remains One Flight Up, but A Swingin’ Affair would be a solid choice for any jazz fan. —Jack Baker/Amazon.com

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