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Adam Rogers - Apparitions

Adam Rogers -//- Apparitions [Criss Cross, 2009]

This is Adam Rogers’ third CD for Gerry Teeken’s Criss Cross label. The rhythm section has remained the same for all 3 outings: Edward Simon (piano), Scott Colley (double bass) and Clarence Penn (drums). Also featured on this one is Chris Potter on tenor sax. Although I agree with the previous reviewer in his statement about Criss Cross releasing mostly straight forward, mainstream jazz, I think Adam Rogers has done quite a bit in expanding the harmonic and technical possibilities of his instrument. Also his compositions are very accomplished and modern, somewhat in the same vein as his contemporaries like Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ben Monder and Mark Turner etc.

Guitar players seldom manage to maintain the listeners’ interest if they release a record comprising solely of their own compositions. That is because their compositions are often too “guitaristic”. Adam Rogers certainly hasn’t got this problem. For this date, he has again provided 8 originals of great interest.

The first thing that really strikes the listener at first is Adam’s amazing picking technique. A very few guitarists are able to maintain such a clarity when fast lines. One is reminded of Pat Martino in his prime.

Without analyzing the compositions in detail, I could finish by saying that this CD isn’t recommended only to guitarists, but also to everyone who’s interesting in some of the best playing AND composing in jazz today. Adam and his band really seem to have something going on, certainly some of the hippest sounds around.

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