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Sinan Bakir - On My Way

Sinan Bakir -//- On My Way – [Sinan Bakir, 2009]

The young yet poised guitarist from Turkey named Sinan Bakir by way of Hartford, CT arrives in this summer with a solid and refreshing collection of music titled “On My Way” which also features New York studio veterans the talented bassist Thomson Kneeland and jovial drumming provided by none other than Mark Ferber.

When new music arrives, I’m always excited but I’m usually hail captive in not knowing what to expect. From the opening note, guitarist Sinan Bakir’s voice clearly define his purpose as his crisp tone rings with assurance, grace and maturity on the title track “On My Way” caught me surprisingly off guard.

As I listen, Sinan’s laid-back compositional style began to expand as his voice quivered with atoning excellence and undertone of another guitarist John Scofield began to register as he approached “Into the Blue.

Next up, “Oddity,” follows to employ the same rich tonality, phrases and quality as the aforementioned title while he raises the bar tempo wise to express his ongoing thirst to write and play resilient music with unrefined sensibility.

Stop N’ Go,” is an example of Bakir’s enthusiasm to further express himself as you’ll discover this mid-tempo gem is spirited and balanced by the fiery interplay by his unparalleled cohorts. Meanwhile, the swag of “Blues for Istanbul,” burns slowly as it spreads evenly on this canvas as the trio swings gently through the passages in the spirit of jazz Turkish style.

On this project, guitarist/composer Sinan Bakir has without a doubt done things exactly his way. What Sinan has given us here is a blueprint of his soul, you’ll find eleven songs which embody a variety of shapes and tones influenced from the audible expressions of Turkey with of course a generous helping of jazz America style on this collection of songs I found respectfully thought out and played with understated fervor and precision that we’ve come to expect as jazz and music enthusiasts.

Let’s stay tuned and see what’s next from this upcoming guitarist/composer named Sinan Bakir.

Reviewed by Rob Young