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Marcus Nance - The Voice Next Door

MARCUS NANCE -//- The Voice Next Door – [Marcus Nance, 2010]

The sultry bass-baritone will surround you with his rich, soulful and powerful voice singing smooth jazz standards such as Summertime, Strange Fruit and Black and Blue as well as a Chopin inspired Nature Boy and an uplifting Ol’ Man River.

My career has been equal parts jazz, cabaret, theatre and opera and I find that I am most satisfied as an artist when I keep my toes in each of these fields. Every style I sing colours the other. My jazz has the richness of opera and my opera has the life, rhythm, and hardship of jazz.

In this recording I wanted to share my love for rich and smooth ballads (My One and Only Love, They Say It’s Wonderful) as well as my experience growing up as a black child in the 1970″s (Black and Blue, Strange Fruit). I also wanted to share the joys of growing up in a religious family and how that has influenced my life (Come Sunday, God Will Provide a Lamb). And last but not least I have added a few theatre songs including Ol’ Man River which has become the most requested song of my career.

I think the most exciting performances are live, so I went at this recording as if I was performing in front of an audience; we did not record line by line and then stick it together. We did each song from beginning to end with everyone in the same room. I wanted a natural and powerful performance… the way music should always be delivered.

I hope you enjoy my debut CD. May it bring you the joy that music has brought me all of my life.

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